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Jetco Stomp Grates

Pump Application Model# Description MSRP* (w/o installation)
Hamilton Jet 212 212 SG9 9-Bar Stomp Grate for Hamilton 212 Pump $775.00 USD
Hamilton Jet 212 212 SG13 13-Bar Heavy Duty Stomp Grate for Hamilton 212 $825.00 USD
Hamilton Jet 241 241 SG9 9-bar Stomp Grate for Hamilton 241 $850.00 USD
3-Stage Jet Pump 773 SG11 11-Bar Stomp Grate for 3-Stage Jet Pumps $775.00 USD
American Turbine 309 309 SG9L Legend Intake 9 - Bar Stomp Grate AT 309 $750.00 USD
American Turbine 309 309 SG7AT American Turbine Intake 7-Bar Stomp Grate AT 309 $750.00 USD
American Turbine 312 312 SG11 11-Bar Stomp Grate for American Turbine 312/203 $775.00 USD
American Turbine 309 309 SG9DW 9-Bar Stomp Grate for Duckworth Intake $765.00 USD
Mercury Sport Jet XR2 SJ SSSG9 11-Bar Stomp Grate for Sport Jet XR2, stainless steel $725.00 USD


SG-SS7 Stomp Grate Spring (long)                            $ $22.68 USD
SG-SS4 Stomp Grate Spring (short)                              $22.68 USD
Stomp Grate Pedal          $31.50 USD
Stomp Grate Parts Kit (Minus Grate)                         $94.50 USD
Stomp Grate Stainless Steel Rods (each)                     $ 8.90 USD

* Wholesale pricing available for dealers                      


Our Stomp Grates are designed to fit exactly to pump manufacturers specifications in place of the stock intake grates.  In most cases, the stock hardware is re-used during installation*. 

Utilizing our CNC machining centers we are able to perfectly match the intake contours to maximize efficiency and performance.  You will see a performance gain using Jetco designed stomp grates.

We offer customized Stomp Pedals with your boat manufacturer or boat name machined into the top surface, or we can leave it blank (additional charge may apply).

Contact us for stainless steel options, custom built stomp grates and additional applications.

We use only Stainless Steel hardware and Springs.

* Installation instructions available upon request.

Hamilton 212 SG9 

Bolts in place of stock Hamilton Intake Grate

7" of travel

Mounts to under side of swim platform

Custom Stomp Pedals Available