Transport Tanks

Jetco’s live haul fish transport tanks are expertly designed and durably constructed of all marine grade aluminum or stainless steel, and used for transportation of live fish by the aquaculture and fish hatchery industry.

Options include:

• Aluminum or Stainless Steel construction mounted to supplied DOT chassis or stand alone
• DC Powered Aerators
• 6” thru 12” knife gate valves
• Custom pneumatic salmon gate (12”x18”) valve
• Foam board insulation 1-1/2” – 2”
• Exterior white powder coating (aluminum tanks)
• Low O2 pressure warning system
• O2 Percentage and Water Temperature probes
• Hose adapter to common hose sizes
• Lifting eyes and/or fork lift tubes


live haul tanks

Use of anti-slip tape on the upper surface makes it possible to walk around and service them safely.  To prevent loss during transport the tanks also have well closing splash-proof hatches, toggle latches, and screened slosh preventing vents. All tanks have an integrated 2”drain near the main dump valve for complete drainage or tempering.  Stainless Steel knife valves allow for a water tight seal as well as quick and efficient offloading of fish.  For ease of storage and loading, our tanks are equipped with picking eyes on all four corners and optional fork lift tubes.  Sight gauges are a standard option on our tanks, taking the guess work out of loading to the optimal level. 

Our tanks are fabricated from start to finish in our Clarkston, WA facility, by our expert team.  They are the most rugged tanks available on the market today.

We offer standard configurations, but also offer a complete custom design based on transport needs and capacity.  Multi-compartment tanks with individual dump gates, custom dump gates, and folding walkways are some popular options.  Most of the components used on our tanks are industry standards that are easily serviced and are readily available through major suppliers.


We custom build to fit your transport needs.

• High capacity live haul transport tanks
• Double wall construction (aluminum or stainless steel)
• All welded construction with 1½-2” thick insulation
• Pickup and Bobtail models available
• Standard and custom sizes and configurations
• External serviceable knife valve
• Hose attachments/adapters to specification
• Latching hatches provide leak tight seal and ease of loading